Did you know ...?    Google Chrome was the first browser to work with RGR+TV ...
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Welcome to the RetroGaming Radio+TV Media Player

You are about to experience a multi-media enriched radio show. This player will play the show with cued videos and internet content without any interaction from you. If you see the Stand By video screen, your video is ok - just wait for video content to appear during the show.

(Looking for older shows? Click here)

Note: RGR+TV is a cutting edge HTML5 application and will not work properly on every web browser on every platform. We strive to make the player as compatible with as many browsers as we can, but in the end - it is up to the web browser developers to incorporate more HTML5 capabilities.

The RGR+ TV Player has been tested with the following browsers and platforms:

  • Windows (working)
    • Google Chrome v14
    • Firefox v5.01
    • Opera v11.50
  • Windows (not working)
    • Internet Explorer (any version)
    • Safari v5.1
  • Mac OS (working)
    • Firefox
  • Mac OS (not working)
    • Safari v5.1

      Note: You might be able to get the show working on Mac browsers by installing this. Supposedly it will enhance browsers to support the show. (Thanks Matt!)

Mac and Linux platforms have not been fully tested. Drop us a line with the results if you test the player on one of thes platforms.