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RetroGaming Radio Archives

Classic Shows

The classic shows are not available for free online. They are available for purchase for a reasonable fee from various locations. The best value will be to get the older show archive discs.

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Date Interview Reviews Get It!
The C64 Anniversary continues! This month we look at the software of this magical 8-bit system - from apps to games and everything in between. Plus, a new Bits and Bytes!

The Commodore 64 Anniversary specials continue! This month, we cover hardware; the machines, the peripherals and all the fun add-ons that made the C64 so great! We'll also hit you with a fresh batch of Bits & Bytes!

We begin the multiple part special on the anniversary of the greatest micro computer of all time; the Commodore 64. This month, we cover the history of the Commodore 64. In coming shows, we'll discuss hardware, software and the people behind this amazing machine!

2013-01-31 Rob Drennan
This month, we read your letters! Our editorial commentary is about Razor and Blade gaming - will it continue? New interview with Rob Drennan - one of the programmers of the incredible Amiga game Viper AGA. Snake celebrates its 35th Anniversary and we're there to celebrate. All this and more!

2012-12-31 Michael Welch (Scorched Tanks) Revenge of Rob-o-Bot (Android), ST:TNG Table - The Pinball Arcade (Android), Pocket Tanks (Android)
This month on RetroGaming Radio we have a great interview with Michael Welch (Scorched Tanks), reviews of Revenge of Rob-o-Bot, Pocket Tanks, and the latest table for The Pinball Arcade, Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well a featured segement on QAing Space Ace for Android.

2012-11-30 ThinkGeek 8-Bitty Retro Controller, Retro Racing (Android/iOS)
This month on RetroGaming Radio we review ThinkGeek's 8-Bitty Retro Controller and Retro Racing for Android and iOS, we have an editorial titled "Who's Responsibility is Preservation?" and a feature called "Chasing Trapshoot", and we continue our Anniversaries series with a look back at the TI-99/4A after 30 years.

2012-10-30 Table update on TPA and Zen Pinball (and other tab pins)
This month on RetroGaming Radio we provide a table update on The Pinball Arcade and Zen Pinball and continue our Anniversaries series with a look back at Colecovision. We also have an editorial titled "Learning From History: The Success (or failure) of Aftermarket Controllers" and just in time for Halloween, Shane breaks down his list of scary games!

2012-09-30 Activision Anthology (Android)
This month on RetroGaming Radio we take a look back at the history of Dark Unicorn Productions as part of our Anniversarries series. We also have an editorial titled "Chasing Technology - Where Do We Go From Here?: and a review of Activision Anthology for Android.

2012-08-31 Droid Tower (Android), Deadly Dungeons (Android)
This month on RetroGaming Radio, we have reviews of Droid Tower and Deadly Dungeons for Android, an editorial titled "Games That Wouldn't Exist If Williams was Apple", and a feature on The Closing of Psygnosis. We'll also continue our Anniversaries series with a special look back at 30 years of Robotron.

2012-07-31 The Pinball Arcade (Various)
This month on RetroGaming Radio, we take a look back at the history of Handheld Games as part of our Anniversaries series. We' also have a review of The Pinball Arcade (available on various platforms), and an editorial titled "What happned to the impact of music in gaming".

2012-06-30 aLynx (Android), Cardinal Quest (Various)
This month on RetroGaming Radio, we review aLynx for Android and Cardinal Quest for various platforms. We have an editorial titled "Red to Blue - Nintendo Killed One of My Favorite Games", and we take a look back at the Atari Lynx as part of our ongoing Anniversaries series.

2012-05-31 Legend of Grimrock (PC), Giana Sisters (Android)
This month on RetroGaming Radio, we take a look back at the Commodore VIC-20 as part of our Anniversaries series. We also have reviews of Legend of Grimrock for PC and Giana Sisters for Android, and an editorial titled "The Chase".

2012-04-30 D. Scott Williamson Pixel Nation (Book), Battle Squadron One (Android)
This month we have an interview with D. Scott Williamson, and a special Jack Tamiel memorial as part of our Anniversaries series. We review the book Pixel Nation and Battle Squadron One for Android, and have an editorial on Dragon's Lair for Xbox 360 Kinect.

2012-03-30 Choplifter HD (Win/XBLA/PSN), Another World (Android), MAME4Droid Reloaded (Android)
This month we have reviews of Choplifter HD for various platforms, Another World for Android, and MAME4Droid Reloaded for Android. We also have an editorial titled "Killing Used Games is Bad for Retro Gamers".

2012-02-29 Neo.emu (Android/iOS), JXD S7100 Android Gamepad
This month on RetroGaming Radio, we announce the results of our Commodore 64 Favorite Games Contest, and have reviews of Robert Broglia's NEO.emu and the JXD S7100 Android Gamepad.

2012-01-31 David Theil Dragon's Lair (Android)
What's your FAVORITE C64 game? We have a new contest! Part two of the fantastic David Theil interview (make sure you catch part one first). We celebrate the year 1982 - the year Before The Big Crash(tm) - the first of our many "Anniversary" segments. Plus, we review the long awaited Dragon's Lair for Android - did they get it right this time? We'll tell you. Bits & Bytes round out the show.

2011-12-30 David Theil Zen Pinball THD (Android), Atari's Greatest Hits (Android)
We interview David Theil - an interactive sound engineer responsible for tons of pinball, home and arcade game audio - including Q*Bert, Krull, Mad Planets and Reactor! In our Editorial, we discuss Copyright and how to bring the dead back to life. Plus new reviews on a fantastic fantasy pinball package, Zen Pinball THD and the latest emulation collection to hit portable devices; Atari's Greatest Hits. A must hear interview - plus we'll throw in a healthy Bits & Bytes segment to boot!

2011-11-30 Sega Genesis "Gopher" Handheld Console
This month we examine "cloud" computing and how it may (or may not) benefit retro gamers. A legal Sega Genesis handheld emulator you can buy at .. a drug store? We review the "Gopher" handheld conosle - which allows ROMS on an SD card emulation. Of course, the venerable Bits & Bytes segment is also included!

2011-10-31 Andreas Varga Cloanto Commodore 64 Forever 2012
The creator of the NEW Prince of Persia (C64) - Andreas Varga - is interviewed this month along with an in-depth look at Cloanto's Commodore 64 turnkey emulation package. What's wrong with modern journalism? We dig deep in this month's editorial. All this, PLUS a huge Bits & Bytes segment!

2011-09-26 Cloanto Amiga Forever 2012, BIT.TRIP COMPLETE (Wii), Super Mario Bros. NES (3DS)
This month, we feature a full review of Cloanto's latest legal Amiga emulation turnkey package, Amiga Forever 2012 - as well as a review of the 8-Bitish Wii title, Bit.Trip Complete and Super Mario Bros (NES) for the Nintendo 3DS. A new editorial on how gameplay and controls are king of the gaming mountain and a giant Bits & Bytes segment.

2011-09-26 Cloanto Amiga Forever 2012, BIT.TRIP COMPLETE (Wii), Super Mario Bros. NES (3DS)
This month, we feature a full review of Cloanto's latest legal Amiga emulation turnkey package, Amiga Forever 2012 - as well as a review of the 8-Bitish Wii title, Bit.Trip Complete and Super Mario Bros (NES) for the Nintendo 3DS. A new editorial on how gameplay and controls are king of the gaming mountain and a giant Bits & Bytes segment.

2011-08-28 Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions (3DS), Dragon's Lair Trilogy (Wii)
Welcome back to RetroGaming Radio! We'll tell you why we're back, offer you an editorial on Digital Distribution and Classic Gaming, review Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions and Dragon's Lair Trilogy, discuss portable emulation in the new age and introduce our Shoutcast server.

2011-08-28 Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions (3DS), Dragon's Lair Trilogy (Wii)
Welcome back to RetroGaming Radio! We'll tell you why we're back, offer you an editorial on Digital Distribution and Classic Gaming, review Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions and Dragon's Lair Trilogy, discuss portable emulation in the new age and introduce our Shoutcast server.

2008-08-31 Geometry Wars 2 Not Available
This month: Geezer Gaming, HUGE Bits & Bytes, Williams Pinball Hall of Fame on the Wii, hardware flashback, GP2x segment (GP2x Wiz, Pandora), Mobile Microphone at CGE 2007, and a new Casual Corner where we look at Geometry Wars 2 on XBLA!

2008-05-24 Todd Rogers Not Available
A fresh new interview with video game world record holder Todd Rogers, a new editorial commentary - downloadable content; the future expansion disk replacement or another screwjob for consumers, Shane reviews Defender of the Crown for the Commodore Amiga in a flashback episode, an update with the GP2x handheld, our regular Bits & Bytes, Chasing the Chuckwagon, Hardware Flashback and MORE!

2008-04-30 CGE 2007 Round Table Wings Not Available
Shane discusses hypocrisy and parenetal responsibility with gaming, catch the rare round table talk from the whole staff from CGE 2007, we review Cinemaware's Wings for the Amiga, Chasing the Chuckwagon and more!

2008-03-30 Older Games The Commodore 64 Book 1982-199x Not Available
Shane's Top 10 Wishes for 2008, interview with Oldergames.com, review of the new book The Commodore 64 Book - 1982-199x, the Hardware Flashback is BACK, a brand new Chasing the Chuckwagon, new Bits and Bytes, and more!

2008-02-29 Brad Strahle Dungeons & Desktops SS Vol. 2
The February show is finally here and only nearly 3 weeks late! This month, we interview Messiah's Brad Strahle, take a look at the Nintendo Seal of Quality from 1985 - can it make a comeback? We take a look at the new book Dungeons & Desktops by our own Matt Barton, our regular Chasing the Chuckwagon and Bits & Bytes segment, and more!

2008-01-30 Jay Smith Pt. 2 Various SS Vol. 2
This month, we go back in time to meet some of Shane's old C64 friends and tell some great stories about the old days. We conclude our interview with Jay Smith, father of the Vectrex and Microvision. Plus Chasing the Chuckwagon, Bits & Bytes and more! BTW, we have a new intro ...

2007-12-31 Jay Smith Pt. 1 TRON (XBLA) SS Vol. 2
Better late than never! This episode we feature part 1 of our interview with Jay Smith, the mastermind behind the Vectrex game console and the Microvision portable gaming system. We take a look at the arcade game TRON as ported to the Xbox Live Arcade. Remember your favorite adult software on the Commodore 64? So do we - and we bring a retro-look at some of the more classic titles (with plenty of stories). A new flashback segment featuring twelve mini-reviews of some of my favorite, long-forgotten Commodore 64 games. A new, giant Bits & Bytes and a new Chasing the Chuckwagon ... all this and more! This episode contains some adult discussion, but no profanity. Parental/NSFW discretion is advised.

2007-11-30 Ryan Cole + Same Deiter Pac-Man CE SS Vol. 2
Interview with new Atari 2600 programmers Ryan Cole and Sam Deiter, editorial on what it's like to be an Associate Producer on the new Dragon's Lair DS, review of Pac-Man CE, Live Console coverage of Super Mario Bros and Time Pilot, GP2x update, tiny Bits & Bytes, Hardware Flashback, Chasing the Chuckwagon, and more!

2007-10-31 David Crane/Gary Kitchen Live Console SS Vol. 2
Hell freezes over ... Shane explains why. A brand new awesome interview with David Crane and Gary Kitchen. We look at a great classic arcade title; Shao-Lin's Road. More GP2x coverage, Bits & Bytes and a new segment; The Live Console. All this and more!

2007-09-16 Hans Olsen Konami Live Arcade Controller SS Vol. 2
First, an EXCLUSIVE audio interview with Hans Olsen, the lead programmer of Dragon's Lair for the Nintendo DS. Wondering how rumble pack and voice recognition is going to be used? Hans reveals ALL! Our editorial features a look at the venerable PACK IN - past and present, as well as Shane's favorites. We have a brand new Hardware Flashback and Chasing the Chuckwagon too! If that wasn't enough, a fresh review of the Konami Arcade Live plug n play classic game controller for your PC. We're leaving out Bits and Bytes this month - but we'll be back next month with a full run of new information.

2007-08-31 Year 8 DVD
The new broadcast season is on! First up, a wrap up of CGE 2007 complete with on-the-scene recordings from the RGR staff. We review the great Synapse game ZEPPELIN on the C64 on our Flashback segment. Scott returns with a new Hardware Flashback and MikeInSoCal brings a NEW segment to the RGR family - Chasing the Chuckwagon. You want great deals on hot flea market finds, but live in Nowhere Land? Mike can help! All this, so much more!

2007-07-25 RW Bivins, Michael Ware Ork Attack Year 8 DVD
RGR Hybrid July 2007 Show - The New, The Old and the Unreleased!! The Old: We look back at CGE 2002 and CGE 2003 recaps (how the RGR gang got prepped up and took the ride to Vegas) The New: Interview with Older-Games.com's RW Bivins Interview with DreamArcades.com's Michael Ware The New: Two back-to-back Hardware Flashback segments! The Vectrex home system and The Era of Laser Disc games An unreleased 16-bit flashback: Ork Attack on the Amiga.

2007-05-30 Melissa Robinson Castlevania (NES) Year 8 DVD
To help fill the void of the missed show, our intern - the great Fernando Garcia - has produced a great new Best Of RGR for your entertainment. There WILL be a June show - all new - full of goodness. This episode .. The Retro Radio hardcore rant - Shane rants about N64 emulation, Nintendo as a company, the IDSA boycotting websites, GamePower, the company who made a profit out of MAME; heck even McDonalds gets heat! The 8-Bit Flashback: Impossible Mission - Just in time for the Nintendo DS release! The interview with Melissa Robinson (PR gal of Dragon's Lair 3d) from CGE 2002. Feature: The History of Copy Protection and Impact on Classic Gaming ... PLUS - Chill session with KidHype: Reviewing Castlevania for the NES - Shane bitches about the graphics, Bryan claims it's the best NES title ever.

2007-04-30 Jaime Woodhouse Konami Classics Series - Arcade Hits Year 8 DVD
Super packed show this month! First up, a new editorial commentary; What makes a great cooperative game? Also, we have a fresh new interview with Jamie Woodhouse, programmer of the excellent Amiga game QWAK (now on GBA, mobile and soon on PC), a new hardware flashback, an update on the GP2x open source handheld, a full review of the Konami Classics Series - Arcade Hits for the Nintendo DS, our regular Bits and Bytes - and more!

2007-03-19 Bob Polaro Dragon's Lair HD Year 8 DVD
This month, we interview Bob Polaro (Atari 2600 Defender), review the High Definition version of Dragon's Lair, rant about the means justifying the end in video games, get an update on the GP2x handheld, Scott 'Subarubrat' gives us another great hardware flashback on multicarts and C64 transfer cables and does two 8-Bit flashbacks for us - all this plus our huge Bits & Bytes segment - plus more!

2006-12-23 Ed Rotberg/Kelly Turner Hardware Flashback: C64 Year 8 DVD
Find out why the show has been on hiatus a couple months, hear a brand new interview with Ed Rotberg and Kelly Turner, Hardware Flashback on the C64 with Subarurat, flashback of Adventure Construction Set, Bits & Bytes and more!

2006-09-25 Matt Ownby, Brien King Year 8 DVD
A new look at the video game crash - has it been averted? We catch up with Matt Ownby, programmer of DAPHNE (the laserdisc emulator) - find out what's coming in Daphne 1.0! Our hardware flashback is back, an interview/segment with Brien King of ArcadeRestoration.com, info on Year 7 DVD, huge Bits & Bytes. Enjoy!

2006-08-20 Howard Scott Warshaw Year 8 DVD
A jam packed brand new show - the summer is over and RGR is back with one of our best shows ever! A brand new interview with the infamous Howard Scott Warshaw (Pac-Man 2600, Yar's Revenge), TWO flashbacks (8 and 16 bit), a fresh editorial commentary about game advice, I tell you what has happened to me this summer to keep the show at bay, we introduce a new segment called the Hardware Flashback (hosted by long time listener SubaruBrat), a full hour Bits & Bytes -- all of this and more!

2006-07-31 Bill Kunkel Year 8 DVD
The Best of RetroGaming Radio Volume 2! In this special "Best of" edition, we feature Flashbacks of Prince of Persia (3/2003) and Killer Instinct (8/2003), our great interview with Bill Kunkel (aka The Game Doctor) (9/2003), editorial commentary on The Death of 2D Gaming (7/2002) and how Shane got into arcade game collecting (10/1998). Another great show put together by our intern, Fernando Garcia.

2006-05-27 Keith Robinson Pt. 2 Year 8 DVD
Packed show! First, we have TWO great flashbacks for you including Team 17's SUPERFROG, commentary on Tangibility, we finish up our interview with Keith Robinson of Intellivision Lives, update you on the GP2x happenings, our regular Bits & Bytes and SO much more!

2006-04-30 Warren Davis Year 8 DVD
Our first "Best Of" show featuring editorial "What is a classic game?", interview with Q-Bert's Warren Davis, Shane & Bryan jam on Super Mario World, the infamous Funcoland story, and an 8-bit Flashback on Realm of Impossibility for the C64.

2006-03-31 Keith Robinson Year 8 DVD
This month, we editorialize on what Digital Distribution could mean to classic gamers and we have a kick butt interview with Keith Robinson of Intellivision fame, a giant Bits & Bytes, our first call in, and much more!

2006-02-28 David Comstock Year 7 DVD
Jam packed show! Part two of our interview with David Comstock - the guy responsible for porting the arcade version of CLOAK & DAGGER to the Atari 5200, a PACKED update with the GP2x handheld - if you've been waiting around for the ultimate GP2x coverage - this IS IT, the release of the Starving Student RGR CDRoms, in honor of the olympic games we flashback to Winter Games C64, an hour long Bits & Bytes filled with tons of your submissions, find out what Shane's been doing and playing - and TONS more. Don't miss it!

2006-01-27 David Comstock GP2x Coverage Year 7 DVD
This month we reveal some new directions the show is taking, discuss the concept of "what is a video game", review the great 8-Bit title ALTER EGO, interview early Atari 5200 programmer David Comstock (Cloak & Dagger), cover new developments on the GP2x handheld, more Bits & Bytes, and tons more little surprises. This is the episode you won't want to miss.

2005-12-31 Andre Lamothe, Brad Strahle Year 7 DVD
Shane takes a look back at RGR, gaming, and life in general in 2005; a new 8-bit Flashback of Sega Frogger for the C64; two short interviews with Andre' LaMothe from XGameStation Micro Edition and Brad Strahle of Messiah Entertainment; a GIANT Bits & Bytes; an update of what's happening with the GP2x handheld console; all this and so much more!

2005-11-30 Jeri Ellsworth Mario Kart DS Year 7 DVD
This month, we feature a fresh new interview with Jeri Ellsworth of C64 DTV 30-in-1 TV Game fame, an editorial commentary called Praying for Pixels: Can Graphics Get TOO Good?, a review of the new online playable Mario Kart DS, a first look at the Gamepark Holdings GP2x personal entertainment handheld, and the venerable Bits & Bytes segment (clocking in at almost 2 hours on its own). A packed show - don't miss it!

2005-10-31 Jerry Lawson Pt. 2 Taito Legends Year 7 DVD
This month we finish up our interview with Jerry Lawson the genius behind the Fairchild Channel F and the Godfather of gaming, we take a quick look at the new Taito Legends classic gaming package on the PC, get some inside goodies on the new GP2x handheld, we talk about GREED (not the kind you think) in the editorial commentary, cover a GIANT Bits & Bytes segment, and more!

2005-09-30 Jerry Lawson Year 7 DVD
SUPER PACKED SHOW! This episode we feature an interview with the man behind the Fairchild Channel F, Jerry Lawson (a great interview!), a new editorial commentary about the origins of innovation and its future, a new 8-bit Flashback look at some cool, unusual demos for the C64, discuss the new Year 6 DVDROM, an unbelievably HUGE Bits & Bytes section, and TONS more!

2005-08-30 Larry Kaplan Pt. 2 Year 7 DVD
This month we rant on people who have lost their minds, recap the Classic Gaming Expo 2005; who was there and what was going on, discuss the current status of the Year 6 DVDROM, complete our interview with Kaboom programmer Larry Kaplan, feature over an hour of Bits and Bytes, and so much more!

2005-07-23 Larry Kaplan Year 7 DVD
This month, we finally give you the interview with Kaboom! creator LARRY KAPLAN - great stuff there, we have an editorial commentary mysteriously called "150", run the Paul Norman Cosmi game SLINKY review promised last month, our usual packed Bits & Bytes, update you on progress on the Year 6 DVDROM, run the ASK SHANE segment (your voice, my answers), all this and much more this month on RetroGaming Radio.

2005-06-25 Howard Scott Warshaw Archon Evolution Preview Year 7 DVD
This month on RetroGaming Radio we catch up with Howard Scott Warshaw (Yar's Revenge, E.T.) and see what cool things he's up to (funny stuff in there) at the Classic Gaming Expo 2004, review the classic Cosmi game SLINKY for our 8-Bit Flashback, a new long editorial commentary on the concepts of twitch gaming and its diminishing role in our game playing arena, discuss the forthcoming RetroGaming Radio Year 6 DVDROM title (we need your preorder!), and of course a GIANT Bits & Bytes segment featuring more on violent video games, new stuff about portable emulation, and tons more - all this and more this month on RetroGaming Radio!

2005-05-21 Dan Corona / Dan Kramer Year 7 DVD
Longest show to date clocking in over 5 hours - a whopping download! This month we look at historically significant computer games (and boy, its a long segment!), we interview Dan Corona (manager at Atari during the glory days) along with more Dan Kramer, our usual giant Bits & Bytes segment, and a new 8-Bit Flashback to Palace Software's Barbarian (aka Death Sword). Don't miss out on this historical show!

2005-04-16 Dan Kramer Year 7 DVD
This month starts a three part editorial commentary discussing significant and historically changing video games of the past; this month we look at ARCADE games (in the future, we'll look at console and computer games). We interview former Atari Hardware engineer Dan Kramer - employed during the glory years of Atari (1980-1984) - maker of the Atari 5200 trackball - a great interview! The 8-Bit Flashback returns with our look at TENTH FRAME bowling for the Commodore 64 from Access Software. Over an hour of Bits & Bytes (whew!) plus we address the winners of the great Amiga Forever 6 CDROM contest. All this - and more - this month, on RetroGaming Radio; by far the longest show to date!

2005-03-18 Michael Battilana Heavy Weapon, Zen Wordz Year 7 DVD
This month we interview Amiga Forever's Michael Battilana about the new Amiga Forever 6 CD - and we're going to give away three copies in a new contest! We discuss Nostalgia; what it is and why its a dying form. Two new product reviews - Heavy Weapon from Popcap and Zen Wordz a new game from a classic game developer. We give away the final easter egg on the Year 5 DVDROM ... and of course, our popular Bits & Bytes segment! All this, and so much more!

2005-02-21 Ed Logg (Pt. 2) Puppytron, Pro Reels Haunted House, ComfortStylus Year 6 DVD
We bid goodbye to friend and producer Bryan "Kidhype" Smith, give you part two of the great Ed Logg (Gauntlet, Xybots, et al) interview, review the games Puppytron and Pro Reels Haunted House, take a look at an innovative new stylus, give you a giant Bits & Bytes, toss another RGR DVD easter egg your way and much much more.

2005-01-10 Ed Logg Crimsonland, Atari Anthology (PS2) Year 6 DVD
Its 2005, and RetroGaming Radio starts off the new year with a three hour show PACKED with goodies. This month we smack around the Corporate Borgs like Electronic Arts with our editorial commentary "All About The Money", interview gaming genius Ed Logg (Gauntlet, Xybots, et al), review the shareware bloodfest Crimsonland, take a look at Atari Anthology for PS2, Bryan and Shane look at the Terminator 3 pinball (aka SHOOT HERE AND HERE) from Stern, a HUGE hour long Bits & Bytes segment, and much more!

2004-12-25 Michael Welch Are You All That? + Breakquest Year 6 DVD
Its time for the Christmas show! For your holiday enjoyment - a full review of the new Commodore 64 30 in 1 TV Game unit, we interview successful indie game developer Michael Welch (responsible for Scorched Tanks on the Amiga and Pocket Tanks and DX Ball on the PC), review the new DVD trivia title from Digital Leisure "ARE YOU ALL THAT?", take a look at a new take on 'brick & ball' games with shareware title BREAKQUEST, our regular Bits and Bytes segment, and a new editorial commentary about mixing classic games with modern games. Oh, we'll reveal another RGR Year 5 DVDROM easter egg too! All this, and so much more on RetroGaming Radio Christmas 2004!

2004-12-01 Bruce Davis, Billy Mitchell Mad Cars Year 6 DVD
Say good-bye to 2004, RetroGaming Radio style! A SUPER packed show! We give you Part 2 of the Bruce Davis (former CEO of IMAGIC) interview, a new interview with Billy Mitchell (and we announce the 'Billy Mitchell Is An Ass' contest), we revisit the Second Coming of the Video Game Crash, review the shareware game MAD CARS, reveal another easter egg on the RGR Year 5 DVD, a huge Bits & Bytes segment (featuring the EA lawsuit and we smack around STEAM for you) - and SO MUCH MORE! Special thanks to contributors Christian Egeler, Gerry Corcoran, Dana Eiler, and our own Gus Douboulis.

2004-11-01 Bruce Davis River Raider II, Cactus Bruce & The Corporate Monkeys Year 6 DVD
Seems like only yesterday (almost was) that we released a packed October show - and its time for a new show, packed full of more goodies. This month our editorial commentary talks about "the cherry high" of video gaming, another huge interview with Bruce Davis - former president of Imagic (kthxDemonAttack) and the CEO of Activision in the late 80's - we get a manager's look at the golden age of gaming, we review two new shareware titles for your PC, Bryan and I take a Flashback look to Amiga CD32 Football, a big Bits & Bytes section, another Easter Egg from the RetroGaming Radio Year 5 DVDROM is reveal, and SO MUCH MORE. Remember, if you missed October's show, its still online!

2004-10-25 Don Daglow Year 6 DVD
Wow, two months and we have a totally PACKED show! First, a new rant on HAT TIPPING vs. THEFT (we'll tell you what the difference is). We interview Don Daglow (Dungeon, Utopia, World Series Baseball, produced Adv. Construction Set and Racing Destruction Set) - Don rocks, you'll love it. Our Bits and Bytes segment is FRIGGIN' HUGE (thanks Dana and Gerry!) too. We also interviewed the developers of MESSIAH (RF SNES controllers) and the XGAMESTATION (build your own classic gaming hardware and program it) - fun folks to talk to. We've listened to you pinball lovers and Bryan and I collaborated on a look at Stern's LORD OF THE RINGS. We give away the location of ONE OF EIGHT easter eggs on the RetroGaming Radio Year 5 DVDROM. And if that weren't enough - we have even more for you. Don't worry - we have ANOTHER show for you shortly for November - double header RetroGaming Radio for your Fall enjoyment!

2004-09-06 Steve Woita Year 6 DVD
Its the first show of Year 6! As always, we'll be covering the Classic Gaming Expo for you as well as our regular segments such as our super extended Bits & Bytes (thanks to Dana Eiler - we missed his credit in the show - we'll make up for it), RGR Flashback of the Odyssey2 console, our editorial commentary on discussing what your time is worth, a 'lost' interview from last year featuring Steve Woita, and more! If you are a Studio Pass holder, be sure to check your member page for a little something special - Bryan's super excellent ARCADE TURNTABLISM mega mix; plus we give you one of the easter eggs on the Year 5 DVDROM! All this and SO MUCH more this month on RetroGaming Radio.

2004-08-02 Billy Mitchell Edges, StarBall, J-Ball, Space Taxi 2, Pac-Manic, Guardian Year 6 DVD
Its time again for the Classic Gaming Expo preshow! We cover what's coming in San Jose this year - find out who is going to be there, what's going on, and why you should go. Hear Mr. Pac Man himself, Billy Mitchell talk about his world record Pac Man game (and Hot Sauce??), we review a half a dozen shareware games and finish our RGR Insider look at the Atari 2600! Our regular Bits & Bytes segment (great stuff here) and a fun new editorial commentary about the shattering of illusion in video games, and more!

2004-07-07 Electronic Gaming Magazine Founders Year 6 DVD
A three hour show! Yeah, we're making up for lost time from the missing show last month. First, Shane takes another look at the future of gaming (What?? Good talk about Nintendo from Shane?!), we conclude our interview with the EG magazine team, part 2 of the RGR Insider segment on the 2600 with guest speaker Brien King of arcaderestoration.com, a new segment talking about the best of "modern" classic shareware (2 titles this month), a wrap up of the Year 5 DVDROM sales, and more. Don't miss it!

2004-05-06 Electronic Gaming Founders Year 6 DVD
PACKED show ... We interview the original team from EG magazine; Arnie Katz, Joyce Worley, and Bill Kunkel; a truly amazing historical trip. If that wasn't enough, we rant about the death of classic gaming, start pre-ordering on the Year 5 DVD-ROM, start a new set of RGR Insider segments on the Atari 2600, TONS of Bits & Bytes, and more!

2004-04-02 Damon Klauseen (Pt. 2) Fairchild Channel F Year 6 DVD
Another packed show featuring an editorial commentary on why the discussion forums were closed; a new RetroGaming Radio Insider look at the Fairchild Channel F video game console, an 8-Bit Flashback on Mr. Do for the C64, part 2 of our interview with Damon Klauseen, we reveal plans on the Year 5 DVDROM set, our Bits & Bytes, and SO MUCH MORE!

2004-03-03 Mark Richards, Damon Kaluseen Colecovision Year 6 DVD
Its a Starcade interview special! Meet the original host, Mark Richards, as he tells it like it was in the beginning! Then, we bring on a former contestant for the show, Damon Kaluseen, a very dynamic guy that you guys will just love listening to. You asked for it; you got it! A new RetroGaming Radio Insider look at the Colecovision game console. Shane rants on the "all in one" handheld games coming out, our usual Bits & Bytes, and so much more!

2004-02-13 Jeri Ellsworth, Todd Rogers Year 1-5 DVD
This month we rant about the concept of backward compatibility; consumer friend, or just a marketing ploy? We interview the engineer behind the 'modern' Commodore 64, Jeri Ellsworth and Mr. Activision himself, Todd Rogers stops by too. Also, the finale; part 4 of our RGR Insider segment on the Amiga computer; learning to emulate the Amiga on your PC. All this, our regular Bits & Bytes, and more!

2004-01-13 Ed Rotberg Year 1-5 DVD
Insanely long show this month, featuring an interview with Ed Rotberg (think BATTLEZONE!), part three of the RGR INSIDER report on the Amiga computer (software and community is covered), and the editorial commentary featuring my rant on commercial emulation. Plus, we'll tell you about our Christmas prizes - to be given away this month!

2003-12-02 Ed Rotberg Atari 80 In One, Midway Arcade Treasures Year 1-5 DVD
Meet the man responsible for Battlezone, Ed Rotberg - and learn about his involvement with the Bradley Tank simulator in our interview this month. Part Two of the Inside the Amiga segment where we look at the guts of the Amiga in detail and how it relates to successful emulation. Plus, Shane speculates on the popularity of consoles being the responsibility of the PC, reviews Midway's new Arcade Treasures for consoles, as well as taking a look at the new Atari 80 in One Game collection for the PC. All this and more this month - plus, find out how to get in on the RGR Christmas present giveaway!

2003-11-01 Warren Davis Halo Year 1-5 DVD
Our biggest show ever! This month we interview the creator of Q-Bert, Joust 2, Us vs. Them and many other great titles and technology - Warren Davis. We review the PC version of Halo (just to set the record straight). We start our multi-segment in depth look at the Amiga computer (this month, the history of Amiga). Shane rants about people selling out their products; selling out the consumer at the same time. A HUGE Bits & Bytes segment, and of course tons more. Its a big show, so stream it if ya can!

2003-10-06 Bill Kunkel, Howard Scott Warshaw Namco 5 in 1 Year 1-5 DVD
This episode we feature part two interviews with Bill Kunkel and Howard Scott Warshaw as well as a our regular rant; plus we feature a mini-review of MegaMan on the NES, a mini-review of the Namco 5 in 1 game controller, talk about The Beatles suing Apple Computers, and of course, tons more!

2003-09-04 Howard Scott Warshaw / Bill Kunkel TRON 2.0 Year 1-5 DVD
The new season is here! Get full Classic Gaming Expo 2003 information along with interviews with Howard Scott Warshaw and Bill Kunkel, our rant about paying off companies to keep games off the PC, our usual Bits & Bytes, CGE 2003 recap, and a review of the new game TRON2.0 - hey, TRON is about as retro as it comes .. let's see how he fares in 2003. All this and much more await you ...

2003-08-01 Konami Advance Arcade Year 1-5 DVD
Its time for the Classic Gaming Expo 2003 pre-show! We talk about whose going to be there, why you should care, and what to expect this year. We have an editorial commentary about the show, our Bits & Bytes featuring C64 copyright crackdown, a 'review' of Killer Instinct on SNES and Konami Arcade Advance for GBA, and more!

2003-07-03 Super Mario World Year 1-5 DVD
We rant about Sequels vs Rehashes, our Bits and Bytes section discusses new emus for Dreamcast and GBA as well as Shane putting the smack down on Digital Rights Management, we do a comprehensive multi-platform review on Impossible Mission, Bryan and Shane enjoy Super Mario World in a hands on review, we talk a little about what's going on at Classic Gaming Expo 2003, talk about the forthcoming release about the RGR Year 4 CDROM, and so much more!

2003-06-02 Year 1-5 DVD
This is the big IT episode - we've been holding out for months - now you get the WHOLE story. We rant about products that continue to strive to be MORE than they should. We review Castlevania for the NES. Finally, we compare our whitebox to the Xbox and give you the inside look. Of course, our usual Bits & Bytes, and more!

2003-05-05 GBA SP, ArcadeWerx Year 1-5 DVD
Remakes and ports that shamed the original (but kept the gameplay), we review the Hanaho ArcadeWerx cabinet, give an introduction to our pinball segment as well as a brief history of pinball, we review the Gameboy Advance SP, discuss Shane's production trip to Bryan's house, our regular Bits & Bytes, and discuss our Buck 4 CGE campaign.

2003-04-03 Walter Day, Ron Corcoran, Todd Rogers Pocket C64 Emulator Year 1-5 DVD
We rant about movie licenses ruining video games; interview Twin Galaxies' Todd Rogers, Walter Day, and Ron Corcoran; review the PocketPC Commodore 64 emulator; review the C64 and NES versions of Raid on Bungling Bay, cover Bits & Bytes; and lots more!

2003-03-04 Alan Miller Year 1-5 DVD
We discuss the difference and merits of Interactive Movies versus Video Games, interview former Activision Co-Founder and Atari VCS coder Alan Miller, discuss various goodies in our Bits & Bytes section, plus take an in-depth Flashback on Prince of Persia for a number of classic game systems, plus more!

2003-02-03 Matt Ownby Year 1-5 DVD
This month we look at the history and impact of copy protection in classic gaming, part two of the Daphne-Ownby interview, our regular Bits & Bytes segment, and more!

2003-01-08 Matt Ownby X-Arcade Solo Year 1-5 DVD
We discuss PC vs Consoles: What's the better game machine? We review the one-player version of the X-Arcade, the X-Arcade Solo plus we interview Matt Ownby, one of the great minds behind the laserdisc emulator DAPHNE. Our usual Bits & Bytes features a look at some cool old games being reborn and of course there is more!

2002-12-25 Gary Goldman Year 1-5 DVD
This special edition we feature an interview with Gary Goldman of Dragon's Lair 3D, we rant about why perfectly good 2D perspective games insist on needlessly turning to 3D, offer up an 8-Bit Flashback on Impossible Mission (aka "Another visitor ... Stay awhile ..."), plus our regular Bits and Bytes segment, and much more! Shane produced this episode, so bear with the mistakes :)

2002-12-07 Conway Ho, Melissa Robinson Dragon's Lair 3D Year 1-5 DVD
The long awaited review of Dragon's Lair 3D and an interview with the lovely PR Gal Melissa Robinson (this is classic stuff here - you don't want to miss it). We also interview Conway Ho from Hanaho Games, Inc. - makers of HotRod arcade controller and Arcade PC. Our editorial commentary is ever-present as well as the extended Bits & Bytes segment - plus we give away the Act Labs Light gun - and more!

2002-11-25 Rick Dyer Year 1-5 DVD
Thanksgiving special edition. Hero worshiping. Interview with Rick Dyer, hardware dude behind Dragon's Lair. Review of Dragon's Lair 20th DVD.

2002-11-01 Don Bluth, Gary Kitchen Year 1-5 DVD
We decided to keep the interviews intact this show, so it runs a little longer than two hours and weighs in at a hefty 30MB, so stream'em if you got'em. This features FULL interviews with the Master of Animation Don Bluth where we talk about everything from Dragon's Lair to the mysterious lost game Sea Beast to Don's philosophy on movies and video games (an incredible interview). Also, Gary Kitchen, notably famous from Keystone Capers, Designer's Pencil, and Gary Kitchen's GameMaker speaks out on the video game industry past and present - a passionate guy about his craft, and a great interview. Plus, our new Bits & Bytes segment covers some great new stuff from around the web (including Microsoft hiring hackers), plus a RetroGaming Radio EXCLUSIVE - we give you a sneak peek at the new pop song produced just for Dragon's Lair 3D that you might be hearing on the radio or seeing on MTV called HE'S MY GUY, and we bet you can't get it out of your head! All this and so much more - enjoy the longest show to date!

2002-10-02 Don Bluth & David Crane Act Labs Light Gun Followup Year 1-5 DVD
Another huge show packed full of goodies for you! We feature part two of the David Crane interview as well as a mini-interview about Dragon's Lair 3D with master animator and personal hero of mine, Don Bluth. We rant about companies that don't seem to want to take our money, follow up on the Act Labs Light Gun, talk about Microsoft buying RARE, Adventure 2600 (on the Quake Engine?!), plus - win a pair of Dragon's Lair 3D action figures in this month's contest (compliments of the Don Bluth folks), and my oh my - so much more. Another episode we recommend streaming instead of downloading!

2002-09-01 David Crane (Pitfall) Act Labs PC LightGun Year 1-5 DVD
The killer interview with David Crane is here! The master behind Pitfall and the founder of Activision comes to RGR. We also give you a FULL review of the Act Labs PC Lightgun, complete coverage of RGR's experience at CGE 2002, the ever present rant, and SO much more! A two hour show to kick off the new 2003 Season! We recommend streaming this show.

2002-08-01 Year 1-5 DVD
Welcome to the Classic Gaming Expo 2002 Preshow! We tell you the who is who and the what is what of the 2002 show on August 10th as well as recap last year's show. We discuss your letters and tell you about classic websites for classic gaming coming back to the scene! Its all here - don't miss it!

2002-07-02 Year 1-5 DVD
What is this? Shane has something GOOD to say about Nintendo? The GBA!? Find out all about it when we talk about the death of 2D gaming. Plus, the latest update from not only the Classic Gaming Expo but also the California Extreme show! We review the killer Dreamcast adapter for the X-Arcade ... yep, real arcade controls to play Soul Calibur. Of course - there is much much more!

2002-06-02 Ron Corcoran - Snipercade Year 1-5 DVD
We read YOUR letters in response to last month's ChronoTrigger episode, give you updates about CGE, Bryan talks about his visit to RGR, Ron Corcoran stops in and talks about tournaments at CGE and high score tracking, updates on the Act Lab's Light Gun, part 2 of the Chrono Trigger review, and so much more!

2002-05-04 Brien King Year 1-5 DVD
Our first live episode in awhile, Bryan Smith and I kick back and rant about MAME, games, and anything else we can come up with to bitch about. The first of a two part 16-Bit Flashback of Squaresoft's Chrono Trigger (you've been begging for this). We interview the author of the incredibly useful Cart Commander classic gaming collector database software and die hard gamer with tons of cabs. Lots of news and info from the current classic gaming scene including NEW games for classic software, a new Lightgun that works(!), and much much more!

2002-04-02 Year 1-5 DVD
What makes a game a CLASSIC game (not just an old one)? We'll tell you all about it! We offer a PSOne controller alternative adapter, talk about PC light guns and talk about upcoming classic gaming events in Vegas and the Midwest. And we look at a hot new version of Akiko - the cool CD32 emulator - now uses ISO images!

2002-03-01 Year 1-5 DVD
We rant about the loss of the High Score table and the breakdown of imagination on RPG ... plus, we review the killer new arcade controller the X-Arcade! If you've been DYING to get a Stick It - we have your saviour! Also, we look at the kick butt emulator AKIKO, plus we read and respond to your letters ... and of course - MORE!

2002-02-01 Year 1-5 DVD
We read your letters, rant about remakes, review Mad Dog McCree, and we take a look at a killer piece of hardware to let you connect your PSOne controller to your PC!

2002-01-10 Year 1-5 DVD
The editorial rant is back; Why today's gameplay tends to suck. We look at a new Amiga CD32 emulator called PROJECT32, and we finally get a close look at Dragon's Lair Authentic CDROM versus Daphne, the Laserdisc Emulation project! Get in on this!

2001-10-02 Paul Norman - Cosmi Programmer Year 1-5 DVD
A great treat this episode! We get a 24 minute interview with the great 8-Bit programmer, Paul Norman (think Cosmi; Forbidden Forest, Super Huey, Caverns of Khafka, Aztec Challenge, etc.). A fascinating look at a fascinating guy. Also we take a quick peek at Daphne, the laser disk emulator, and the latest from Digital Leisure - a PERFECT PC CDROM version of Dragon's Lair!

2001-09-01 Year 1-5 DVD
Welcome to the comeback Retrogaming Radio show! We cover the Classic Gaming Expo, rant about the death of Dreamcast, review Time Traveller DVD-Video, see Dragon's Lair 3D footage, hear about the new Dragon's Lair Movie, and more goodies!

2000-04-25 Year 1-5 DVD
The good-bye episode of RetroGaming Radio! I've had a blast with the show the last 2 years - but its time to move on!

2000-03-24 Year 1-5 DVD
Colecovision Classic Gamer Vol. 1 review, our regular 8-Bit Flashback - plus MORE!

2000-02-20 Year 1-5 DVD
We review the latest offering from Digital Leisure - Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp DVD Video! Commentary, and of course, the famous 8-Bit Flashback.

2000-01-28 Year 1-5 DVD
Review the NEW(!) Atari 2600 Pacman! Plus we look at the Playstation's Atari Arcade Party Pack and the huge "mine is bigger than yours" Custom Arcade Controller! Emulator updates, Amiga emulation!

1999-12-14 Year 1-5 DVD
The new format RetroGaming Radio is here! We talk about the Classic Gaming Gauntlet, give our first impressions of the CustomArcade controller, a review of PacMan World 20th Anniversary for Playstation, and much much more! This episode contains a review of the cool Playstation Arcade Party Pack featuring Atari greats like 720, Klax, Toobin', and many more! Plus, we give the latest update on PC arcade controllers and how you can make your PSX controller work on your PC for playing great two joystick classics like Robotron and Black Widow. Tons more.

1999-11-22 Year 1-5 DVD
Space Ace DVD Video special review episode!

1999-10-30 Year 1-5 DVD
A great live show with Ron Corcoran of Snipercade. We answer TONS of questions and just kick back with the boys on IRC and ICQ. Please note: The posted show archive is about 98% there and unfortunately there is a good amount of blaring on the mic (experimented this time around). Sorry about that. Many thanks to TwinBee - if it weren't for him, you wouldn't have even gotten this much of the show.

1999-09-25 Ron Corcoran - Snipercade Year 1-5 DVD
WOW! What an episode we have for you! Ron Corcoran (Sniper75/MCP) the ruler of Snipercade.com is our special guest speaker. We rant about the Gateway Amiga abandonment, review the new Hotrod-killer STICK-IT controller, our new 16-Bit Flashback, emulator update, and so very much more. We also give away a copy of the Retro Radio CDROM to a lucky MonroeWorld subscriber - you have to listen to win! This is the longest show to date - record breaking one hour and 8 minutes! This is one you do NOT want to miss.

1999-08-21 Year 1-5 DVD
Shane moves to Arizona! An apology to MAME. Shane smacks down on warring between emulation sites and scenes. More stuff on Retrocade for Windows! More stuff on the new Retro Radio CDROM!

1999-07-04 Year 1-5 DVD
Been awhile so I figured I should pop out at least a quick episode. Featured - a good old fashion rant session about the losers of modern emulation that have to belittle others to make themselves feel good, our regular 8-Bit Flashback, and the inside scoop on the Retro Radio Archives CD ROM coming soon.

1999-05-08 Year 1-5 DVD
Well, the LIVE episode was fantastic. Hope you got to be there. If you didn't, here is the archived recording of the show. We talk about just about everything. No 8-Bit Flashback this time, obviously, and no video. We talk about Nintendo's new crap, MAME, HiVE, ViCE, and just tons more! The show runs and hour and forty minutes! We also grace you with three Buckner & Garcia tunes from the Pacman Fever album. Whoo hoo! Sorry - but a little hard profanity made it into the live recording. One of the downfalls of recording LIVE is the fact I can't edit anything afterwards. There is a single occurance of the 'F' word, which is usually a bit strong for my show - and since I have such a wide variety of listeners, I felt it responsible to let you know. Hope you still enjoy the show.

1999-04-13 Year 1-5 DVD
A bit shorter of a show this time around, but we cover some good ground. We talk about what's happening with Dave's Classics and more legal mumbo jumbo. Shane owns Nintendo again, and discusses the interview with Hasbro on BACK IN TIME. Of course, the 8-bit Flashback is present.

1999-03-31 Year 1-5 DVD
Here it is folks! The long promised review of the Dragon's Lair DVD-Video game (from www.digitalleisure.com) for you set top DVD player! That's right - play Dragon's Lair at home on your DVD - fantastic. Also in this special Dragon's Lair edition - some historical video clips with an interview with Don Bluth, animator - and a Dragon's Lair Retrospective - essential listening for the Dragon's Lair fan. This has been my favorite show to date.

1999-03-21 Neil Bradley - Retrocade Year 1-5 DVD
The long awaited interview with Neil Bradley of Retrocade - he answers the questions you've always wanted to know about Retrocade. Plus, the usual 8-Bit Flashback, an emulation update, and a NEW show feature! Also, I talk about the current state of affairs with emulation.

1999-02-20 Year 1-5 DVD
Let's talk about how modern (namely N64) emulation affects classic emulation. Once again, I have to own GamePower plus the Anti-Boycott IDSA people. Editorial commentary on morality of N64 emulation. A short but sweet 8-Bit Flashback, and an update on my other endeavors. The longest show to date!

1999-01-23 Year 1-5 DVD
Editorial on the current state of affairs with regards to the new digital protection laws, an update with the major emulators, and of course, the ever present 8-Bit Flashback. Oh, and I tell you why I've been so busy! :)

1999-01-02 Year 1-5 DVD
Finally, the episode everyone has been bugging me about: The Making of Retro Radio. Of course we update with all the hottest emulators including MAME, Retrocade, JAS, and more! Plus the show's regular 8-Bit Flashback - this time my favorite 8-Bit of all time.

1998-12-15 Year 1-5 DVD
An update with the whole IDSA thing (I attack their anti-roms letter), an update with the popular emulators, another 8-bit classic revived, another flashback in Shane's past, and more!

1998-11-30 Year 1-5 DVD
Shane owns the IDSA and reveals what is happening in the industry - plus the 8-Bit Flashback of one of Shane's ALL TIME favorite C64 games!

1998-11-10 James Rowan - JROK Emus Year 1-5 DVD
JROK James Rowan Interview plus our 8-Bit Flashback!

1998-10-26 Year 1-5 DVD
Shane looks at the new release of the cool emulator RAINE, a retro look at another addictive 8-bit classic, and a story of woe of a young teen stealing credits on PacMan.

1998-10-15 Year 1-5 DVD
Emulation - Is it legal? Shane waxes intellectual (and emotional) on copyright laws and discusses retrogaming popularity.

1998-10-05 Year 1-5 DVD
The secret interview revealed, MAME/RC update plus a special feature - how to start collecting arcade games!

1998-09-28 Year 1-5 DVD
Updates with major emulators and its Christmas at the Monroe House as I get parts to fix my arcade cabs!

1998-09-08 Brad Oliver - MacMame Year 1-5 DVD
Interview with Brad Oliver of MacMame fame and Retrocade release info!

1998-08-25 Year 1-5 DVD
Review of MAME V.34, Jackal Playing Tips, and more!

1998-08-17 Mike Cuddy - Retrocade Year 1-5 DVD
Interview with Mike Cuddy of Retrocade.

1998-08-10 Year 1-5 DVD
First show - Retrocade vs. MAME overview, editorial