You Are Not Forgotten Bryan Keith Smith (November 10th, 1968 - January 24th, 2005)
Meet Bryan Keith Smith

Many of us knew just one or two sides of Bryan's rich and diverse life. Through this biography page, hopefully we can all learn about Bryan's other sides. He lived a full and busy life ...

Musical Biography

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World Traveler Biography

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Computer & Video Game Biography (taken from RetroGaming

At age 9, his first experience in electronic gaming came in the form of spending hours on end playing pinball machines such as Ali, Six Million Dollar Man, Playboy, Superman as well as a host of other pinball machines. At the age of 10, Bryan then moved on to console the console video game scene by being exposed to Atari Pong.

In 1982, Bryan's life forever changed like everyone else's when he discovered Pacman. Sad to say that he pretty much robbed and hustled his teenage years away trying to score quarters and sneak out the house to play basically half of the games that can be found in MAME today. He has been lucky enough to grow up in one of the area's where most games where tested at, Los Angeles, California. The list of games include, Cloak and Dagger, Nintendo's Arm Wrestling, I-Robot as well as several other rare (hardly ever seen) arcade cabinets of that era.

On the console side, Bryan has owned a Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800 as well as a Colecovision. In 1983, Bryan wanted a Atari 800 to play Pacman at home but instead was given a TRS-80 Color Computer instead. His life was never the same after that and went on to code the classic Eat and Run (Pacman clone) for several operating system platforms. The game celebrated it's 15th year anniversary in 1999 by being ported over to Windows.

In 1996, Bryan was exposed, in quite a unusual way, to classic gaming. A friend he met on a message board told him about Atari 2600 emulation and pointed him towards the old Node 99 website. From there he discovered Atmospherical Heights and MAME and his life forever changed after that. Bryan then hooked up with Shane in 1997 through IRC and they have been friends ever since.

To quote Bryan Smith [about RetroGaming Radio], "I am hoping to bring a host of great new ideas to the show. I would like to see all my video game and emulation heroes interviewed on this show. There are so many things that we don't know that goes on behind the scenes that make games what they are today and I want to expose it all for the world to see. These people are so cool when you finally get to meet them in person. I want everyone to see that and that is what I plan on bringing to the show."