You Are Not Forgotten Bryan Keith Smith (November 10th, 1968 - January 24th, 2005)
Meet The People in Bryan's Life

I met so many of Bryan's family and friends at the service and reception and felt closer to Bryan knowing them. This page is to hopefully bring everyone that was in Bryan's life closer together. Please do not hesitate to contact me to be put on this list or to offer names I'm missing. I really want this list complete.


  • Wife: Ruth Smith
  • Mother: Annette Smith
  • Father: Dalmer Smith Jr.
  • Brother: Reginald Eugene
  • Grandfather: Dalmer Smith Sr.
  • Grandmother: Mammie Smith
  • Grandfather: Wayman Morris
  • Grandmother: Orangella Morris
  • Aunt: Carrie
    Uncle: Ben
  • Cousin: Toshia Wells
  • More coming ...

Close Friends

  • Shane R. Monroe (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Ernest Robinson (Torrance, CA)
  • Tyronne Stallings (CA)
  • Steve Mitchel (CA)
  • Greg & Jeni Severi (CA)
  • Brien King
  • More coming ...

Acquaintances / Other

  • Smokey & The Bandit (the Smith family ferrets)
  • Spartacus & Shaft (the Smith family dogs)
  • More coming ...