You Are Not Forgotten Bryan Keith Smith (November 10th, 1968 - January 24th, 2005)
What Happened to Bryan

At this very moment, I'm not sure of all the details. When Ruth told me that Bryan was gone, my mind and body went numb and only heard about 1/3 of what she said. Good friends Greg & Jeni Severi gave me their interpretation of what Ruth told them and here is what I know.

I talked to Ruth and she had said that there was a pocket of gas built up around his bowels and they had feared that the blood had been restricted and his bowels were possibly dying if not dead, so they were going to do surgery to remove them or fix them so when they went to do the surgery they realized he had too much acid [now I don't know if in his stomach or where the acid was] but he had 17 times the amount a human should have and it caused him to go into cardiac arrest ... they were able to revive him once ... the doctor came out to tell Ruth what had happened and that they feared for the worse but they were going to do the surgery anyways and hope for the best - well when the doctor went went back in to do the surgery he went into cardiac arrest again and they were never able to revive him ... so I don't think they even did the surgery, but I think he pretty much died at the hospital - not sure if he made it to the ER or not ... but I'm pretty positive they had NOT started the surgery ...